Monday, January 17, 2011

Difficult Choices!

I know this is a rather old incident - and I have shared it with some of my friends, but still want to put it here, lest I forget. And as it has always been, an interesting way of looking at life through the wisdom of a now 6 year old!

Nia: mamma, who do you like more - pappa or me?

me: well i like both of you as much nia - just in different ways.

nia: yeah mamma, i can understand it can be really difficult choosing. Even pappa has a tough time choosing when I ask him

me: oh - when you ask him who he likes more - you or me? (tho' for me it's rather obvious I must say!!!)

nia: no no mamma, when i ask him: what do you like more pappa- cheese or peanut butter!

Ah well, difficult choices indeed and how the child perceives it!!!

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