Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 - Here I come!

wooo hoooo - a long hiatus from blogging. have missed it more than my fan following (read family) might have missed my random musings! So decided to get back to it in the new year - hopefully a bit more regularly. Though it's been a while that the new year began, I wanted my first blog to be about things I am grateful for in the year that went by:

- time with my family living far far away and connecting in different ways
- seeing my relationship with the not-so-little one change and still enjoying every minute with her
- discovering the excitement and skill in cooking
- experimenting with new way of working with kids and seeing it work in small ways
- connecting with some of my women friends with whom i was missing some 'we' time
- connecting with myself in more intimate ways
- finding a dream home
- making peace with some of the relationships that I value but didn't seem to work well
- actually getting a home loan despite the odds
- putting on weight over the year and actually being ok about it
- finally finally getting the name change in my PAN card!
- seeing some shifts and miracles at work
- confronting some old fears and taking tiny tiny steps in making peace with them

A rather cryptic blog I can see - ah well- writing just for myself to begin with - a good start indeed!

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