Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Blessing of Sunsets

I find something oddly comforting in the beauty of sunsets. The light of the sky transforming into swirls of deep red, magenta and violet, the fury of the sun dimming into a intense, yet soft orange and the slow creeping of black to engulf the world.

The message i receive as the sky transforms from a splash of vibrant colours to darkness is that no matter how your day has been - it's now time to rest. To take a deep breath & pause. To move from a frenzy to stillness. To find a sense of peace within.

And it is so heartening to see that no matter how my day has been, the beauty and peace of the sunset tells me that all's right with my world!

(Picture: Evening @ Banwasi with friends)


Anonymous said...

I think going away helps to.. Do you feel the same way about sunsets when you are at home in your regular routine?

purple pitara said...

u know - now that u mention it, don't remember the last time i sat back in Bangalore and watched a sunset....