Thursday, January 29, 2009

A must visit site for women

Following upon a web article a friend of mine sent me the link to, i stumbled upon this really cool website : My Inspiration Lounge

Created by a woman, it has tons of links to very interesting websites, thoughts, ideas, practical tips and everything you possibly need while you are looking for inspiration. The inspiration you seek could be to start a venture, go travel, save, go green, get healthy, cook and entertain (that's the one that got me) and even references for books, movies and films. I loved the idea and I loved the look and feel of the website. A must see for all my women-friends


Kalpita said...

Thanks for passing on the site! I found this great site: which lead me to which lead me to!

Misty Gibbs said...

Thank you for sharing My Inspiration Lounge! It is so true what Kalpita said about her path to the various sites. There are times I get lost on a great site thinking how did I get here and what am I suppose to be getting done right now! lol!

When the time is right, you should def explore launching a similar My Inspiration Lounge in Asia!
Thank you again for your comment and inspiration! Hugs, Misty