Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music & friends make the world go round!

Life seemed quite a drag last few months (reflected also in complete abstinence from blogging). Until yesterday - when i experienced a modern day miracle! A bollywood movie - ROCK ON - that touched my heart. I said a small prayer thanking the universe for a good life and good friends!
i am not going to critique that movie - there are enough people out there doing it. All i will say is to everyone who reads this blog (if ever) please do go and watch the movie. and if you can swing it - watch it with friends & family with whom you have shared your dreams. I watched the movie yesterday with two of my best friends - i promise the experience will be different....

So there are really two things that the movie did to me:

I need to say I am sorry. Life's been pretty good to me so far but i am also deeply aware that along the way, i have hurt some people. Some i know and some i probably will not even know. And i am sorry. I truly am. It’s not like i want some kind of a dramatic reunion. i also am pretty sure that people i have wronged would never even read this blog. The apology is my own little way of acknowledging to my life that i am sorry i blew up - several times over. and i do hope that i have the wisdom not to do it again (or atleast have the sense to not wait too long before i say sorry)

Second one -though seemingly small but will have a more direct impact on my life - saying NO to music piracy. In my work with children, i find myself turning to the net for songs and given the limited accessibility to resources here, i find myself downloading quite a few free mp3s. No more. I promise.

So here's the new reformed me - saying Life is good! Stay in touch with your friends, follow your dreams. And finally, buy music and Rock on!


Magic Puddles said...

hmmm..on your way to becoming a good o'luck!

should be on the top of our list when contemplating self-change / personal do i become a GOOD citizen ?

no more dvd's from national market? sigh....the last time i went, we got 3 movies for 25 bucks..less than 10 bucks a movie..tempting..but do i become a GOOD citizen ?

definitely on my to-do list! i promise!


Anonymous said...

Honest to goodness! Nice post - now I am really looking forward to the movie - it had better be good!

Chaggoholic.... said...

Well Rock On surely rocks big time....

Anonymous said...

NO to piracy is good for people who can afford it. But I also think music is something which should be enjoyed by everyone immaterial of whether you have the money or not. Considering the fact that record comapanies make most of the money while the real musicians get hardly anything, eradicating piracy will be a very difficult task.