Thursday, June 12, 2008

Service at Your Doorstep

One of the huge advantages of living in an independent house in Indian Cities - a variety of fruits, vegetables, etc, at your door step! This vendor here has a combination of fruits & flowers - possibly what the lady of the house would need for her daily prayers. And don't miss the solitary corn in the middle (possible placed for good luck!).

Many such colourful sights delight me through the day. Not just the quality of what these vendors get but also their sense of timing. Like tender coconut water as early as 7 in the morning followed by fresh green and fruits & vegetables until 10. This is then followed by another round of fresh fruits & vegetables through the evening. The day ends with the petite flower-lady delivering garlands of fresh buds for the next morning's puja as late as 8 in the night. And along with the long garlands made for the puja, there's a small string kept handy for my little daughter who always insists on helping the flower-lady put the basket back on her head!

Customer service at its best.....let's see Reliance Fresh beat this!


ravi chari said...

never seen such a variety on 1 single cart! throwing all marketing fundaes to the wind, this is real good service..wonder if there were some tomatoes there for my soup!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture - farmers market at your doorstep! Not bad for a thriivng city.. you guys are lucky indeed. Hope this lasts in spite of the "industrialization" of grocery delivery. No way Reliance can compete with this!