Sunday, February 17, 2013

Resolution for 2013

Finding me
In others I've sought to find myself
How meaningless that now seems to be
For it took me away from my own inner world
That nurtured the introverted part of me.
Am I doing enough for him? for her?  for them?
These questions now need to change
It's time to try out some new rules
Even though they may seem a bit strange
Going silent than talking things out
Seems to be the way of the world
That I am now beginning to grasp
As I console within me this girl
Who always thought that confronting helped
in healing relationships that matter
But that seems far from the truth
Now shoved beneath safe chatter.
I am learning how we all have our own versions of truth.
Between two truths what's truer - who's to say!
And self disclosure and confronting seem rather naive
It's time for me to find a wiser way
to sort thru the complications of these relationships
To make meaning of my life
To think through what it truly means to be me
and not just a friend, a mother, a wife.
To find myself I seek solitude now
To dive into my own inner world where I belong
The relationships, the reaching out can wait for a bit
While I create my own rhythm, my song!

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