Monday, April 12, 2010

A lazy Sunday afternoon....

................may not be so welcome after all is what i discovered yesterday as i experienced a real hot day in the otherwise-bearable weather of Bangalore. I did everything to cope with the heat – loads of fluids, sleeping on the floor, trying to immerse myself into Steig Larson’s novel, spending time in an air conditioned book store followed by coffee shop and even swimming late night. None of this helped in taking my mind off the sweltering heat.

The irritation continued Monday morning and i was all grouchy complaining about the heat. The husband, his usual optimistic self said don’t worry it will rain (yeah right!)

And now as i sit by my office window, late afternoon, there’s a wonderful wind blowing and the sky is cloudy. The air is rich with the promise of evening showers. And i am in love with Bangalore all over again! Rain or no rain – its getting cool already, its time to enjoy my evening cup of tea and say a prayer of thanks to mamma nature. And hope that this benevolence continues!

There is something so magical about rains! Growing up in Bombay, rain always made its presence felt in our life. Through the school years, heavy rains meant a holiday because area around the school would get flooded. In college, rains were a huge feel good factor, there was either the promise of romance or just (equally nice) casual walking in the rain followed with ek cutting chai. When i started to work, heavy rains meant a few anxious evenings wondering whether the trains would still ply and yet it was as magical as the city got washed with unexpected thunder showers.

Now rains mean happy moments with the little one all excited about her rain dance.

Or just sitting with the husband revisiting memories of that long walk in the rain that changed our lives.

At times, lazily chatting with a friend, enjoying some hot chocolate and pakodas.

Taking shelter in the little tapri by the road side hoping the vehicles whizzing past don’t splash the muck around

Walking along splashing in the puddles.

Or standing by the road side seeing the Jacaranda blooms float by.

Maybe just sitting alone breathing in the bheeni mitti humming some of gulzaar’s work......

.....So what do the rains mean to you – do share with me!


Anonymous said...

-us siblings running out to the terrace to get wet in the first rain.
-putting paper boats in the flooded areas till some elders come and yell at us.
-first day of school wearing my new raincoat or umbrella and me being paranoid about forgetting those things at school.
-my grandmom collecting rain water by keeping buckets below the roof. I used love listening to the water falling into the tin busckets.
- we kids running around putting vessels in different parts of my garendparents house to take care of the leaking roof.
- us siblings walking in the rain in khandala with dad.
-98 June looking out from my company bus feeling sad thinking this is probably my last bombay rain.
And now its all beautiful memories..


ecophilo said...

Great weather to blog too eh? nice :)

Anonymous said...

- splashing around in the muddy water
- picking up snails in school and placing them out of harms way
- the steamy currents of water trickling down the school slope
- dropping down paper boats from the first floor balcony and watching them float on
- mangoes and the clothes that never dried!
- stepping on a puddle and having a rusty safety pin go through my rubber show and skin (4th std)
- wading through waist deep water trying to get home after reaching dadar from pune when all the trains stopped working
- the smell of the earth, ah the smell!