Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Of Communities and Connections

Of late, life has been looking quite action packed and meaningful. The best part has been sharing special moments of life with different communities.

First one being that of my good friends in Bangalore. We got together for Diwali - with different sets of people for the morning puja and then for the evening fun. As i did things one does for a festival as significant as Diwali, i could sense a different excitement and energy for just having to share it with a community that is beyond my immediate family. Right from the excitement of the early morning oil bath to playing with crackers, felt just so perfect! And i whispered a simple prayer of gratitude for this blessing in my life as i enjoyed the delicious dinner organized by one of my friends.

The second community that felt as special was that of strangers (baring a couple of friends i met there). 80 odd women gathered on a Sunday morning to participate in a 5 k - 10 k walk/run event organized by Runner Girls India. From the minute we got there early at 6:00 AM till the end of the event, it seemed like being connected with the same level of joy and energy. Maybe it was about being part of a 'one-of-a-kind' event or maybe just the sense of satisfaction of having giving oneself that opportunity, of being attentive to one's body. It was a great day for me - doing my part in a community like that one and i do look forward to many such wonderful mornings!

The third community - SPOT 2009 - an initiative of Bangalore Little Theatre - now that's an amazing one! People from different professional areas, at different stages of their life, all coming together for three months to train in theatre and ending with a production that is used as a fund raisign event for Dream-a-Dream. Its a space where i feel constantly challenged, a space where i need to constantly push my own limits of being, of thinking, of reacting. And in doing so, learn a little bit more about myself.

So when i think of these three communities, i feel blessed. These communities give me excitement & comfort, highs & lows, energy & fatigue, a space to be myself and explore more and in all these experiences, fall more in love with life.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice categorization of events into communities. After all it is eventually all about the people!