Monday, October 20, 2008

In the company of friends

Of late, i have begun to notice that weekend nights with friends is getting a very different flavour and spirit. We once went through a phase of watching late night movies at a theatre close by. Seems like something we gave up eons ago - i guess a combination of us having kids of our own plus multiplexes getting overcrowded. Then there was a phase of Games night. That too seems to have died a natural death. Reason: we seem to know the taboo and pictionary cards like the back of our hands! or maybe it was just that the men lost so badly to the womenfolk each time - they just gave up!

So of late, weekend nights with with friends seems to be a time to just connect over conversations. The last few times we met, we just spoke and listened and then spoke some more over cups of coffee and tea. And what do we talk about? Nothing of great consequence but somewhere things that do matter to each of us. From interesting books being read to cooking holiday plans that never may take off. From struggles we face as young parents to how blessed we feel to be so aware in life. From absolute jerks we sometimes meet at work to how at times we end up doing dumber things with our time! Personal philosophies, musings, budding ideas, weird questions, stories, facts all making the rounds.

For me this is a feeling of comfort i can't quite express - a similar feeling of wearing that run-down t-shirt that is so in taters but needs to be held on to like a family heirloom! Its a time to speak without being judged, argue without worrying about offending, question without challenging and finally just being. Concerns that are general and yet not too general; feelings that are deep and yet not too deep! Its interesting to see how little snippets, opinions and thoughts all simmer and rise over the conversations to create a final shape and form that appeals to everyone. And then waiting for that last piece of conversation to run out in the wee hours of morning so we can finally go to bed.

How can facebook ever replace connections as these?


Neelakantan said...

Cannot replace :)

Facebook can replace it provided everyone of us was like those humans in Wall-E or connected through the phone.

I would say Facebook is mostly for keeping those connections alive at the back of your cupboard, so you can reach it when you want to.

Neelakantan said...

Nice post, btw. You have captured it very well...

Anonymous said...

Agree with Neel..FB is great for reconnecting but in no way meant to replace the long evenings of lazy meaningful hangouts with those that are close to us and we can really depend on day-to-day..I was just lamenting with an old friend on another continent last weekend about how it is so hard to reach out across the seas to an old friend in times of need.. but thanks to FB at least we know their whereabouts.

sue said...

Hey Vijji,

Miss u gal !!! Never knew you could pour yr thoughts out in such poetic form! TC !!Suji