Sunday, August 16, 2015

Celebrating 40 years of a great life!

Wow 40 years on this planet! Seems like a lot. Has been no joy ride for sure. Yet despite the lows and the painful moments, and huge doses of beating-myself-up, it hit me last week about how immensely grateful I feel. For the life I have had. For the relationships I have had and continue to have – solid at my back. For the ways of the universe in supporting my whims and dreams. For my ability to see and speak my truth tough as it may be.

And will this immense gratitude – there was a need therefore to celebrate the day by reaching out in some way to the many many people who have made my life so meaningful and special. One of these reaching out and talking to my dear friend Priya, led to a decision to mark the start of the next year on earth with 40 of something.

So as usual, ambitious plans that I also happily shared with anyone who cared to listen. And based on reactions, I decided what I would say and how much. Yes I got a range of reactions – the rare ones in the range of “that’s inspiring” but mostly falling in varying degrees of banter. But it did feel great to speak it out loud even as the idea was forming in my head. And today, just a day after my birthday, I see myself as curious and excited about how the 40 BD resolution and the year ahead will pan out.

Given that this is my space – where I can say the idea fully – here’s what it is – “A year of 40s”. What that means so far is:

-          40 road trips

-          40 new songs on the keyboard

-          40 traditional recipes (hopefully learnt from a person and not a book)

-          40 day practices – rituals along self-care, healing and connections

Hope to document this journey over the next one year. One reason – to bring in focus, and discipline. And the other motivation - that my baby reads this when I am not there to talk about it and remembers what it meant to have a mom like me!

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